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Do you feel tired, low in energy, frustrated and stuck? The entrepreneurial game of business is not for the faint at heart. In pursuing extraordinary goals, it is common to over-exert ourselves, in fact the culture of entrepreneurship almost demands that we give it all. Over time energy burns low, confidence drops and we get frustrated and stuck. In the great sacrifice that we make, many lose sight of themselves, their desires and their personal freedoms.

Renee Russo believes that the definition of freedom is choosing self over all else. The ASCENSION Energy Management System is a complete, simple and practical approach to energy management that helps you gain the confidence, clarity and courage to consistently work on elevating your energy so that you can realize your freedom. In just 60 minutes with Renee you will gain a new perspective on how you to look at your approach to energy management system, and learn how you can apply simple tools and disciplines to you focus your mind, elevate your energy and realize your personal freedom.

Program Overview

ASCENSION deliveres a practical playbook containing 5 Rules, 5 Tools and 5 Habits that help you focus your mind, elevate your energy and realize your 5 personal freedoms of time, money, relationships, purpose and self-expression. The system works well because it is supported by 3 legs of the stool:


Simple, practical and sustainable tools that focus on the most important things.


Easy to access technology stack to remove the barriers and maximize engagement.


A like minded of fellow members who share a common language and value set.

Change starts with you. You are worthy and it is your time to rise.

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