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Professional Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementers help Entrepreneurs get what they want from their business. They work with leadership teams to get them VISION, TRACTION, HEALTHY!  

VISION - Clear about where they are going and how they are going to get there. 

TRACTION - Executing on their shared vision with discipline and accountability. 

HEALTHY - Working together as a healthy and aligned leadership team. 

Then as goes the leadership, so goes the rest of the organization to the extent that everyone in the business becomes aligned with the vision, they execute on the vision with discipline and they work together as an engaged and inspired team.

The EOS Model, the 6 Key Components, Traction

Driving Performance

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) a holistic, complete and self-sustaining system. It provides a framework that will help you gain traction and realize the vision for your company.

Along the journey your leadership team will learn the tools and master the disciplines to strengthen the six key components of your business and take its performance to the next level.

EOS consists of timeless, practical, universal principles that have been tested in almost every kind of organization. This holistic approach will allow you to simultaneously orchestrate all of the moving pieces in your business and take control of your future.

The EOS proven process is fully guaranteed, no value . . . no pay!


Professional EOS Implementer

Renee is driven to help Entrepreneurs get everything they want from their business. She knows first hand how the right system and high quality business coaching can transform a company and change the lives of all who are connected to it. 

Renee championed the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in her husband's technology company in 2017. Within 12 short months she and the leadership were able to transform the business and gain control of their future. 

The EOS tools and disciplines helped the leadership team to strengthen the 6 key components of the business and achieve remarkable results. Together they drove up revenue by 20%, increased headcount by 20% and opened a second location.

As a Professional EOS Implementer, Renee now helps other business owners get what they want from their business. She uses the EOS practical tools and proven system to help the the leadership team get everyone in the business aligned around a shared vision, executing on that vision with discipline and accountability and working together as a healthy and engaged team.

Contact Renee today to learn more about the EOS tools and process. 


Renee and the EOS Implementer worldwide community are obsessed with helping Entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Meet the founder Gino Wickman and some of our memorable clients.

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