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About Renee

About Renee

Renée Russo embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with a singular goal: the desire to help people realize their freedom. In helping her husband turn around their underperforming technology business, Renee discovered her unique ability to simplify, structure and scale businesses, empowering owners to get unstuck and realize their freedom. 

Renee launched her EOS Implementer practice in 2018 and quickly became a change-maker in the space of business performance optimization. In teaching leaders how to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, Renee developed a proven track record for helping entrepreneurial leadership teams gain traction, and in doing so has helped hundreds of business owners get what they want from their business.  

Renee’s passion for helping owners get unstuck and realize freedom did not stop there. She wanted to ensure that business owners were building a significant business that is valuable, predictable, and transferrable, giving them freedom to exit on their own terms and timeline. In 2022, Renee became a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and now uses the Value Acceleration Methodology from the Exit Planning Institute to teach owners how to build their business with their exit in mind and empower them to unlock the wealth trapped inside of their business in alignment with their personal and financial plans.  

Working closely with countless entrepreneurs, Renée identified a common challenge: owners themselves. Resistance to change, low energy, and low confidence were getting in the way of them realizing the one thing they all wanted: FREEDOM. Due to their frustrations and fears, most would dig in further, hold on tighter, and actively work against their own desire to realize their freedom. 

Renee had seen the power of systems in their ability to create clarity, increase capacity, and sustain results. She wondered, could this work on an individual level too? As her life crashed down around her in 2021, she realized her own life was the perfect avenue to put this idea to the test. Renee made the brave decision to get back up off the pavement and pursue her path toward self realization and personal freedom. 

After devouring a vast amount of resources and methodically testing every tool and discipline she could get her hands on, she distilled everything she had learned into a simple, practical and sustainable energy management system called ASCENSION. Today, Renee guides others to implement the Ascension system to help them focus their mind, elevate their energy, and realize their freedom. 

Renee believes that the definition of freedom is to choose self over all else. She is adamant that all humans are worthy of being free, and moreover, all entrepreneurs can realize their freedom if they are willing to harness the power of 3 key systems: 

  1. A system for the business. 
  2. A system for their wealth. 
  3. A system for themself.  

While each system will derive some benefits on its own, only when all three legs of the stool are strong can entrepreneurs truly realize freedom in all areas of life.

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