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What is Exit Planning?

Are you like most Business Owners, who have 80-90% of their wealth locked up in their business, with no plan to extract it? Are you feeling like your personal, financial and business goals are pulling you in different directions? You are not alone 94% of business owners do not have a written and executable plan to extract their wealth and transition their business.

In just 90 minutes with Renee Russo, you will have a whole new lens through which to look at your business ownership opportunity. You’ll deepen your understanding of exactly how to generate the value and wealth you require to life the life you desire, both now and in the future.


Value Acceleration explained

This proven approach focuses on value growth and wealth creation. We work to align your business, personal, and financial goals in the lead-up to, and beyond, your successful transition. This methodology creates a roadmap to walk through 3 gates to your destiny:


Assess the value and attractiveness of the business, while also identifying your personal and financial goals in the short and long term.


Identify key areas of value creation in the business and identify a plan to protect and build value across the business. Also ensuring that key priorities are delivered on in the context of personal and financial plans.


Move into advanced value creation opportunities to maximize the value of the business and prepare it for transfer. Asking the key question "Grow or Sell?" and supporting the process of harvesting and managing the wealth through exit.

Value Acceleration Methodology 2022
Walking to Destiny

Walking to Destiny

The book is was written for business owners by a business owner. It’s a proven system to maximize value, grow income, and build a business that can run without you, even if you never plan to leave.

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