As a Certified EOS ™ Implementer, Renee Russo is obsessed with helping   Entrepreneurs get what they want from their business and live their best life. Renee works with leadership teams of entrepreneurial businesses to get them VISION, TRACTION, HEALTHY!  

VISION - Clear about where they are going and how they are going to get there. 

TRACTION - Executing on their shared vision with discipline and accountability. 

HEALTHY - Working together as a healthy and aligned leadership team. 

Then as goes the leadership, so goes the rest of the organization to the extent that everyone in the business becomes aligned with the vision, they execute on the vision with discipline and they work together as an engaged and inspired team.


Driving Performance

The Entrepreneurial Operating System EOS™ is a holistic, complete and self-sustaining system for every entrepreneurial business. It delivers practical tools and disciplines that allow leaders to strengthen the Six Key Components™ of their business and drive next level performance.

Each key component is strengthened with 2 tools or disciplines that are then mastered and implemented across all levels of the business with a highly effective Proven Process™. 

The beauty in this operating system comes down to the simplicity and sustainability of these practical tools and disciplines. All of the tools are applied across all levels of the business which allows leaders to masterfully align all of the human energy in the business to execute on the vision each and every day. 


Certified EOS ™ Implementer

Renee is driven to help Entrepreneurs get everything they want from their business and live their best life. She knows first hand how the right system and expert coaching can transform a company and change the lives of all who are connected to it. 

In 2016 Renee championed the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System EOS ™  in her family technology business. Within a matter of months she and the leadership were able to transform the business and take its performance to a whole new level.

The EOS ™  tools and disciplines helped Renee and her leadership team to get clear on where they were going and how they were going to get there, drive accountability across all levels of the business and create a thriving  healthy organizational culture. 

As a Certified EOS ™  Implementer, Renee now helps other entrepreneurs get what they want from their business. Contact Renee today to learn more about the EOS ™ with a FREE 90 Minute Meeting. 

Email: riseupbusinesscoaching@gmail.com 

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Renee and the EOS ™  Implementer worldwide community are obsessed with helping Entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Meet the founder Gino Wickman and some of our memorable clients.