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In this episode, I explore the concept that “Courage is Contagious.” The idea stemmed from a recent conversation with a client who found my inspiration infectious. I delved deeper into what he meant and discovered that my brave leadership and courage to do what was right, even when it was not easy, motivated and inspired him.  This got me thinking about the importance of courage in leadership and the qualities that great courageous leaders possess. I discuss how they are willing to face the brutal facts, take responsibility and accountability for the situation, and take ownership to create trust amongst their team members. They can also create clarity around the changes that need to take place and instill confidence in their team to take positive action toward the needed change. I highlight the contagious nature of courageous leadership and encourage listeners to consider how they show up in their leadership roles. I urge leaders to be brave and look at themselves first when faced with suboptimal situations, ask themselves how to make small but significant changes, and show up with more courage, honesty, and servant leadership. By doing so, leaders can inspire their teams to mobilize, change, and reach the next level, ultimately leading to greater team and business success. So, if you’re a leader or a business owner struggling to get what you want, tune in to this episode and learn how to cultivate more courage in your leadership to inspire and motivate your team to achieve greater success. More from Rise Up: https://riseupbc.com/ https://www.instagram.com/reneerussoriseup/ https://www.facebook.com/riseupbusinesscoaching/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/renee-russo-riseupbc/

Together We Rise
Together We Rise
Courage is Contagious | Together We Rise | Rise Up

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