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In this podcast episode, I delve into the importance of understanding for increased appreciation in the workplace. It all started with a conversation I had with a colleague about the common feedback business owners and senior leaders receive from their teams – that they don’t understand the vision, direction, and reason for being of the business. As a result, team members are not fully committed, engaged, or appreciative of the work they do.

Through our discussion, we realized that the underlying issue was the lack of communication and clarity around the business’s purpose, direction, and the role of team members in achieving the goals. In this episode, I share practical and low-cost ways to bridge this gap and deepen the understanding of team members. These include communicating the direction, creating openings for team members to understand their potential roles, and clarifying how their efforts contribute to achieving the business’s vision.

By increasing understanding, we can foster a greater sense of appreciation and accountability, which in turn leads to higher levels of engagement, ownership, and performance. As leaders and business owners, it’s up to us to do the work and build deeper connections with our teams. Join me in this episode as we explore the power of understanding for increased appreciation in the workplace.


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Together We Rise
Together We Rise
The Importance of Understanding for Increased Appreciation | Together We Rise | Rise Up

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